VIGOSYSTEMS, specialized company in laser solutions for the most demanding industries

Who we are

VIGOSYSTEMS is a specialized company in the manufacture, sale and distribution of industrial laser solutions. Highlighting mainly its technological character, with great ability to provide high quality solutions for the industry and guaranteeing a first-rate solution.

Why choose us


VIGOSYSTEMS bases its adaptation in the changes of the market and the increased competitiveness in the constant renewal of the productive processes, incorporating the latest technology and with the acquisition of modern facilities. All these aspects are intended to improve in terms of productivity and costs, and the development of competitive products with the best quality.

All our projects are developed with the support of multidisciplinary teams and the external collaboration of renowned researchers.


VIGOSYSTEMS bases its business competitiveness in a global concept of quality in our products and process. Quality is the differentiating factor that distinguishes our products and services on the market. It is the key of the excellence level that we impose in the external and internal relations. The overall concept of quality is a process implemented in a progressive way in all activities of the company, and it is defined as the objective to be achieved by the organization.

Our services

  • Sale of industrial equipment.
  • Assembly and supply, according to customer specifications.
  • Installation and commissioning.
  • Advice and technical support.
  • Feasibilily studies.
  • Free demonstrations.
  • Essays and tests for your projects.


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