The LP-S500W Laser Marking System is a top-quality product, and is the fruit of many years of development. With its high output power (42 W) and the newly developed optical system, it enabled clearly legible annealed black characters. A robust and flexible fiber laser marker opens up new dimensions of black marking. For all its power, this Panasonic solution also impresses by the fact that it has a removable fiber optic cable and is extremely easy to set up. The distances to the individual objects need only be entered once. Adjustments are then made automatically.


Main characteristics:

  • Ytterbium fiber laser technology.
  • 42W of laser power.
  • Newly developed optical system specially designed for marking black characters (annealing).
  • Protection level IP67G.
  • Removable fiber optic cable “plug&play”.
  • 2D code marking (Datamatrix, QR code, etc).
  • Static and dynamic marking
  • Marking area up to 160x160mm.
  • Air cooling.


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